Hopefully 5-year-olds don’t know how to Google…

My mother and little sister Adastra came to visit this weekend and we had a very enjoyable day at the Manchester Art Gallery today – it’s very family friendly and I’d definitely recommend it.

While I was tucking Adastra in last night she was looking at a mocked-up picture of me in which my friends Adam, Carl and Rose appear as very small fairies (don’t ask); and wanted to know if the picture was real. Naturally I said that it was and that I’d run into a group of fairies during a wander round my former university campus. When she’d gone to sleep I checked with my mom that we were cool with the idea of lying to children about fairies, and she said ‘Oh, of course. Just like Father Christmas.’

All of which uncharacteristically sentimental rambling brings me to my point: The New Children’s Hospital Appeal is raising money by offering ‘letters from Father Christmas’ to a child of your choice for a £5 donation to their appeal. Head to the website to get in on the act.

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