Humbug Resolutions

I love New Year. I love the promise of something new and the chance to make plans and goals for the year. I love it even though I know that the best-laid plans o’ mice and mice-sized women gang aft agley: every year, as far back as I can remember, has brought me something I didn’t expect, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But 2015 is the year I turn thirty; the year I’m going to take my first ever trip to New York; and, much more importantly, it’s a general election year. Labour have a long way to go in the next four-and-a-bit months (!); I hope we make it, and I especially hope to see Jeff elected in Manchester Withington to get rid of Manchester’s last remaining Lib Dem.

Big years call for big plans, but I’m not making New Year’s Resolutions this year: instead, I’m all about habits. BlogHer’s National Blog Post Month calls on bloggers to post at least once a day, and the theme for January 2015 is Habit – we’ll see how well I stick to a daily blogging habit!

Similarly, I’ve belatedly spotted No Meat Athlete‘s #writeandrun31 – a challenge to do some running and some writing every day for 31 days. I’m a little late to this perfect combination – and don’t have my trainers to hand – so I’ll have to start that one tomorrow and take it into February.

Happy New Year to you all – barring an early motivation crash, I’ll be back tomorrow!


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