Breadline Britain

I came home last night to a letter from my MP.

On Monday, following the publication of the Below the Breadline report by Oxfam, the Trussell Trust and Church Action Against Poverty, I’d emailed him asking him to keep up pressure on the government to deal with food poverty. Here’s his (speedy as always) reply:

Dear Grace,

Thank-you for your letter dated 9th June.

I agree with you completely about how deplorable and dreadful it is that people should be living in such poverty in this country that they are unable to feed themselves and their families and have to rely on food banks. This Liberal Democrat/Conservative Government should feel very guilty at this harmful effect of their policies.


labour food banks


This is an issue on which I am extremely active. As recently as last Saturday I took part in a campaign in our constituency to highlight the shame of food banks.

Not long ago in Parliament I made a speech on this and attach a copy of it. (Link here.)

I assure you that I shall continue to be very active.

You can read the report here and join Labour’s campaign to end the scandal of food poverty here.


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