Day 8 of 100: make changes automatic through habits

I’m still struggling with the ‘getting up early’ bit. I’ve done everything else I needed to do today…sort of. I did some crunches this morning, because I didn’t have time to go for a run. I’ve written a little more for that story I’ve been working on, but not much. I’ve read my papers for a meeting tomorrow, but I was hoping to do some background reading too. Because I overslept – again – there just haven’t been enough hours in today. So I’ve stayed up late. And thus the cycle continues.

On Saturday I wrote about how waking up early is a ‘keystone habit’, and it’s clearly one I need to work on. So for this week, I’m concentrating on tips from AYOP that are all about forming new habits. I’m also reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and I’ve signed up for Leo Babauta’s Sea Change programme. Sea Change is all about forming a new habit every month, and June’s habit is…waking up early! Lucky me. We’ll see how this goes.


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