Day 7 of 100: start a maintenance day

Got up: 5.30am

Exercise: crunches

Writing: 136 words on a short story for a competition.

Today’s tactic is start a maintenance day, and if I’m honest I’ve been a little too excited about this one.

A maintenance day is the one day a week you use to get all your boring-but-necessary personal stuff done, instead of spreading it out through the week (or not getting around to it at all). It’s a simple idea. It’s also another one of those ‘hacks’ that only works if you have a certain kind of lifestyle – imagine only cleaning one day a week if you have kids? But, well, I do have the right kind of lifestyle – apart from having to clean up after the cats every day hour four and a half minutes – and I’m very, very bad at staying on top of housework and the like (have you seen my kitchen lately? No, me neither). So this can only be a good thing, and AYOP is very enthusiastic about the benefits. Also, it gives me the opportunity to make a list, and you know how I love lists. I’ve pasted said below in case you want to copy it and do something similar (mine’s pretty idiosyncratic to my cat-dominated flat and my lack of a vacuum cleaner), or if you just want to know what I’ve been doing all day…

To do on maintenance day

– laundry (including handwashing)

– replace any batteries that need replacing (I have five wall clocks and none of them are currently showing the right time…)

– sweep and mop office floor

– brush down sofas

– brush stair carpet

– sweep everywhere else

– clean bathroom

– tidy everywhere

– other cleaning (like I’ve mentioned before, I use UfYH to store my lists of what needs cleaning and prompt me to do it)

– make meal plan and shopping lists for the week

– Aldi shop

– online shop (once a month)

– go to pharmacy (every other week)

– choose and iron clothes for the week

– chuck old receipts and stuff out of my wallet.

Chris at AYOP also mentions ‘cut my nails’ in his list, and there are probably a lot more ‘self-maintenance’ tasks you could include. As for me, I’ve decided maintenance day is a good opportunity to use some of the cosmetic miscellany that tends to accumulate in my bathroom cupboard and never gets used. (What is argan oil? Do I need to use it regularly or only when my argans start squeaking?)


Update, much later: done! It did take me most of the day, but that includes time for cooking, eating and general faffing. Mmm, my flat is so clean and there is so much food in my fridge. I feel quite well set up for the weekzzzzzzzzzzz


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