Day 3 of 100: tame your inbox

Today’s progress:

Got up before Tom? – yes

Exercise? – went swimming

Writing? – wrote a little thing for myself about going swimming. Please remind me of this the next time I need comic material.

…and then it all almost went wrong, because tonight I knew I had a few things I should do, but I was so sleepy I decided to do them in the morning. I switched the light off, got into bed, got comfy…

…and realised that one of those things was writing this blogpost. So here I am.

Today’s productivity tip from AYOP was ‘Tame your inbox with The Email Game if you use Gmail’.

I have to admit I was excited about this one. I’m a sucker for anything made into a game. I love Fitocracy (because I’m competitive) and UfYH (because I like swearing) and I keep meaning to try SuperBetter. Plus, getting to the fabled Inbox Zero is one of the things I’m hoping I might get out of this 100 Days project.

So today, at the point when I would usually have started processing my groaningly overfull email inbox, I started playing The Email Game instead.

omg janice

It might be the best thing that’s ever happened. It times you to deal with your email. Per email. In a sensible way based on the length and content. I dealt with 100 emails in what I think was an average of 9 seconds each. If there’s one thing I am definitely going to take away and keep doing when this project is over, this is it.

In fact I think I might be in love.

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