Day 2 of 100: work less?

Less spectacular progress today. I woke up before 5am (sounds impressive unless you know that I dozed off at Tom’s house around 7.30 last night) but didn’t manage to haul ass out of bed until…you know what, I’m not going to humblebrag what time I get up every day. It was before Tom got up, and even if that’s because Tom’s alarm didn’t go off this morning, that still counts. I didn’t go for a run because my legs were too sore from yesterday, because I am unfit, so I did some crunches instead. And I wrote a page-and-a-bit for a competition I’m entering, so that’s my writing done for today as well.

Which brings me to today’s AYOP productivity tip: work no more than 35 hours a week.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but for people who are able to control the number of hours they work per week (see also: the kind of people most likely to read blogs about productivity…I’m going to write something more substantial about this at some point), studies have shown this to be the optimal number.

Which is all very well and good, but to respond to it I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a lesson from yesterday’s post and say: nope.

gaga says no

Not happening.

I’m lucky enough to have control over a lot of my time – more than most people – but I still work 26 hours a week in my day job, so if I implemented this I’d only have nine hours a week to be a councillor, which is really not going to work.

However. Chris of AYOP points out that “Though this research applies mainly to creative work…I think it underscores just how important it is to destresstake breaks, and relax every once in a while”, which is probably good advice. There are some good tips further down the list relating to breaks and dealing with stress, so I’ll look forward to trying those.

Also: if the 35-hour rule only applies to creative work, does that just mean I should spend less than 35 hours a week writing? Because, well, done.


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