Fallowfield Library update – Friends of Fallowfield

After yet another weekend of meeting, emailing and thinking about Fallowfield library I wanted to post an update.

During the campaign to save the library from closure a group of residents and local business owners  formed a ‘Friends of Fallowfield Library’ campaign group.

Following the decision to go head with proposals to withdraw council provision and move to a community library for Fallowfield (along with five other libraries), the group has expanded their focus – not only changing their name to ‘Friends of Fallowfield’ to cover a wider community approach, but changing their brief to work with council officers and other partner organisations to develop a new model for our library.friends group

On Saturday I went along as the group worked on their new constitution and discussed their aims. The group is categorically not going to take responsibility for running the library. But the work they’ve done in researching alternative models and seeking sources of funding has been superb, and I’m beginning to feel that with their input, we could end up with an even better service at Fallowfield Library than ever before.

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