Bear with me…

Just making some changes to the blog (as a way of prompting myself to use it again, for the first time since August *guilty face*) – I can’t imagine anyone’s reading it much at the moment but if you are, apologies for the layout going a bit weird while I’m fiddling with it. In the meantime, have a picture of me protesting the cuts in Manchester the other weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bear with me…

  1. I, too, live opposite Platt Fields, in Platt Court. Just been talking with Kate and Rabnawaz, who’ve been canvassing. Heard this amusing anecdote during the week.

    Nick Clegg was helping in a shop that sells Lib-Dem paraphernalia. A man came in. ‘Do you have any Lib-Dem lapel badges.

    ‘Sorry, we’ve sold out,’ Clegg replied.

    ‘Yes, everyone knows that,’ the man said. ‘What about the lapel badges?’


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