‘Til Cameron’s gone

Had a lovely day yesterday – my friend Tom visited from York, we went to the People’s History Museum*, we drank a lot of tea. Lovely.

Tom is rather excellent at presents, and turned up at my flat with a wristband for me, to match his:


After quite a bit of interest in these from Twitter, I discovered that the geniuses behind them are on Twitter, at twitter.com/tilcameronsgone – and, from there, that they’re looking for people to distribute them. If I bought them in massive quantities, who’d buy one offa me for £2 or so?

On a related note, Adam Ramsay is considering a badge binge. I’ve already put my name down for as many as I can fit in my flat, and I’d urge you all to do the same…

*if you’re Labour and you’ve not been yet, you must go. Immediately. Coming to Manchester for annual conference this year? Come a day early and spend it there. Stay with me. Seriously. It’s a must-see.


3 thoughts on “‘Til Cameron’s gone

      1. Thanks Grace,

        Would you have two by any chance ? If you let me have your email address I can send the money by Paypal. My address is:
        Bob Desmond
        15 Egdon Close
        SN25 1US

        Kind regards


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