Ed Miliband in Manchester!

Sorry to have gone quiet for a while, but as my Twitter followers will know I’ve been quite busy with the campaign to elect Ed Miliband as the next leader of the Labour Party.

I’m happy to talk to anyone about why I think he’s the best candidate, but rather than listen to me, you should really listen to him. He’s been on an exhausting schedule of travelling the country talking to members and supporters, as he explains here:

Last night Ed came to Manchester, for a Q&A hosted by Sir Richard Leese, Tony Lloyd MP and Arlene McCarthy MEP.

Over 200 people attended, thanks in part to the incredibly hard-working (and mostly very young) volunteers who have been helping me out in the North West campaign office this week, and willingly ventured out in a boiling hot Manchester to distribute flyers. (I believe they call it the #edmilistep.)

No-one live-tweets an event like North West Labour members, so you can have a look at what some of them thought last night, plus a bit of what Ed said, here.

A lot of the audience last night were Labour members, and I know that many of them were won over by what Ed said. As you’ll see if you click on the Twitter link above, a few people came along who were neither Labour members nor supporters – and I think it’s great for Ed to engage with critics of the party as well, as he will need to when he is elected.

But there were also one or two who were actually moved to join the Labour Party after seeing him speak. What’s more, more than thirty people volunteered to get involved with Ed’s campaign. It’s all very exciting, and I’d urge you to keep an eye out for an Ed visit near you…


3 thoughts on “Ed Miliband in Manchester!

  1. I’m a bit puzzled by some of the things he says, mind – he invites more questions than provides answers.

    For example – the postwar settlement “gave working people a sense of security” but it “cannot be reproduced”. What does that mean?

    He says “capitalism produces many injustices” but being a socialist is “not about abolishing capitalism”. Imagine someone saying that of racism or sexism – let’s just change the discrimination, not end it!

    He says Labour needs to continue advocating an active industrial policy – but as to the political economy of 21st century social democracy…?

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