The most accessible manifesto ever, or why cheese has feelings too

Following yesterday’s exciting PEB ‘The Road Ahead’, today’s manifesto is being launched with an animated film guide to its key points – LabourList is calling it ‘a creative ad for creative Britain’.

It’s wonderfully accessible – as BevaniteEllie has said in her intro the manifesto launch, when the manifesto last went out on paper only a few hundred copies were printed and even fewer were read. This video is something I wouldn’t mind showing to my friends – mostly because I am proud of Labour’s policies and values, but also because of the cute little characters getting the message across. I especially love the ‘Cheese has feelings too’ protest placard 😀

Watch the video – and the other ones on Labour’s YouTube channel – and tweet it, and put it on your blogs, and put it on your Facebook, and show it to your friends, and get it out there – this is the word-of-mouth election, and everyone can play their part in spreading the word.


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