I believe the phrase is ‘Game On’?

Hello loyal readers (Mom), sorry I’ve been away so long. Since Conference I’ve been looking into getting the lovely Ben Furber to re-do my blog design so it looks less like I did it myself using Paint (which is exactly what I did), but while I’ve been waiting for him to redesign it so I can start blogging again, he’s been waiting for me to start blogging again so it’s worth doing the new design. Never mind. You can see a preview of the new look here. Also I have to admit other factors have been a) laziness and b) NaNoWriMo, an endeavour whereby writers from around the world attempt a 50000-word novel during November. I am failing horrendously at this – you can track my progress here if you really want to – but even the effort of failing has taken up a lot of my time.

But this week, the Labour Party that I love has really started to fight for the General Election victory the country needs: first with a Queen’s Speech that set out a stall of truly, defiantly Labour policies – protection for agency workers, support for high-speed rail, free home care for the 400,000 older people who need it most, enshrining the child poverty target in law, ditto fiscal responsibility – and then, to bring the message home, with an inspiring party political broadcast. If you’ve not watched it yet you should, and to make that easier for you I’m going to play it right now.

A version of this was originally shown at various points during Conference, but it’s been updated to bring in Labour’s policies for the future. I find it inspiring – let’s be honest, I’ve seen it ten or fifteen times now and still shed a little tear – but then I would, wouldn’t I. But I made very sure my Grandad…you all remember my lifelong-Labour, disillusioned-by-expenses Grandad…I made sure he watched it as well. And he thought it was brilliant. He didn’t promise me anything, I’m not counting his electoral chicken yet, but he called me up and said “This is what I’ve always said to people. Everything we’ve got has come from Labour. What are the Tories going to do for people like us? Nothing.” If the film reminds our core vote that however some politicians may have disappointed them, Labour is still the Party they need, then that’s definitely something.

Inspired by the reminder that it is the fighters and believers that change our world, this past weekend has been a ‘Fighters’ weekend – and haven’t we been fighting. On Saturday, Manchester Young Labour were out in Northenden, leafleting and door-knocking for Richard Cowell, while Andrew Gwynne MP in Denton rounded up his Twitter friends (me included) to join local Party activists for some canvassing; on Sunday, while LGBT Labour NW headed to Liverpool to campaign for Stephen Twigg before joining the March Against Homophobia, I met up with Rusholme’s local candidate Rabnawaz Akbar to arrange some canvassing that should keep me busy for a week or two.

To anyone out campaigning this past weekend the Party sent out these sexy little badges:

I was wearing mine in Manchester on Saturday when a complete stranger stopped me and said ‘Fighters and believers! I saw the broadcast the other night, that was brilliant.” Honestly. It’s a hit. I’m ordering t-shirts following massive demand for them on Twitter, email me if you want one in time for Christmas. By New Year’s Eve no-one will kiss you without one.

All of this is just a roundabout way of saying that I’ve been feeling a bit distant from the world of politics just lately, but now that we’ve got our collective arses in gear for the fight of our lives, the least I can do is get off mine and blog. Game ON, innit?


7 thoughts on “I believe the phrase is ‘Game On’?

  1. Brilliant video and inspirational message for those of us who are fighting our own battles
    Love from “The Mom”

  2. As a dedicated Labour activist, the activities you outline here totally depress me about our chances.

    The Queen’s Speech was a washout: quite apart from the fact that nobody watches it, it totally failed to be the radical outline we desperately need. To win now we have to do everything we’ve been too scared to do the past decade, and I don’t think it did that.

    The video is good, but for crying out loud, is our Party so totally stripped of internal democracy that this is a win?! The storm in the Twitter-teacup this has generated, you’d have thought we had won the GE, or at least made some progress on nationalised public transport/a living wage/TU rights/etc etc. Y’know, policy, rather than badges.

    Stephen Twigg?! Great, that’s exactly what we need, another Blairite Progress tosser.

  3. I have to ask, to what exactly is it that you are dedicated?

    I thought the national social care provision, guaranteed treatment for cancer patients, Equality Bill and so on, and so on, in the Queen’s Speech were rather splendid.

    The video is good. I don’t think it’s meant to be a ‘win’ in itself. That’s why I wrote a blog post about how it had been received by people I know.

    I’m sure Stephen Twigg isn’t everyone’s favourite politician. If you disapprove of the time LGBT Labour members spent campaigning for our candidate in Liverpool West Derby – amongst the other campaigning events that weekend which I mentioned, although you didn’t – I’d be happy to hat-tip what you’ve been doing for Labour in your own area, as I’m sure you’re working just as hard.

  4. To getting progressive Labour candidates elected to local, national and regional offices; and to trying to get the Labour Party to move away from the more excessive neo-liberal policies it has adopted and an electoral strategy that has seen its membership halve since 1997.

    I think the PBR is a brilliant example of this. The bonus tax is good, though is clearly riddled with loopholes (as are most of our tax policies – instead we play along with the narrative of benefit scroungers rather than clamping down on tax avoidance by the rich, while Mandelson continues to defend hedge funds and we – along with the US – blocked caps on bonuses at the last G20). The NI hike is idiotic – not only regressive, but incredibly bad politics: the media is stacked against us, but surely we don’t have to HELP them in it?! And the cuts, oh the cuts. Instead of making a real case of advancing the cause of the public sector, instead of actually realising the “investment vs. cuts” argument, we’ve decided to play the Tories’ game and make the argument “we’ll cut just a little bit less a little bit later than they will”.

    As for my lack of detail about where and for who I’ve been campaigning, well, it’s not my blog!

    1. No, absolutely. Do you have your own or do you not have the time in between getting all these progressive candidates elected? I’m always happy to share news about what other activists have been doing for Labour, let me know anytime.

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