The Sun goes down on Cameron

I’ve temporarily misplaced the TV remote  for the flat where I’m staying this Conference, so can’t switch over from Sky News. And goodness me, what a load of self-promoting wank you get when one outpost of Murdoch’s empire reports ‘news’ created by another.

The theme I have seen coming up again and again at this Conference has been the changing relationship between politics, the media and the public. We all know how much more effective it is for voters to have direct and unfiltered access to their elected representatives through blogs and Twitter and Facebook.  We all know how rapidly the readership of every newspaper, including the Sun, has declined in recent years. We all know that newspapers cannot influence the voters’ choice in the same way now that they could when the Sun backed Blair.

If the Sun really believed in David Cameron’s Conservatives, they would have waited until their Conference, and written about the policies Cameron will announce and the atmosphere of the Conservative Party. But they didn’t.

If the Sun’s editors and owners genuinely believed it was possible for them to influence the outcome of a general election, they would have waited until the election was called, and urged their readers to support the Conservatives then. But they didn’t.

The media editor of the FT has suggested that the Sun’s timing indicates more about their desire to damage the Prime Minister than about any desire to encourage Sun readers to vote Conservative. He’s absolutely right. It’s a desperate attempt by a declining media empire to get some attention by trying to stir up controversy, and I don’t think anyone will be convinced.



5 thoughts on “The Sun goes down on Cameron

  1. Clearly an attempt to distract people from the goodness in Gordon’s speech.

    If they really believed in Cameron then they’d be backing something he’d said instead of this daft attempt to undermine Labour.

  2. Disgusting – True to form, the Dirty Digger is using his own trashy publications for his own supposed benefit. I can’t wait to read the detailed reporting of the Tories polices over the next few weeks….

    Won’t happen though – this was just a nasty, pre-planned attack on Brown. Hopefully they’ll be made to eat their words next year.

  3. I hate the Sun as much as anyone. It’s a trashy right-wing tabloid. But this article is wank.

    First of all, when a general election is called, the Sun will back the Tories. Second of all, ‘the Sun’ , like the rest of Britain, doesn’t ‘believe’ in Cameron’s Conservatives – which was why the headline was what it was. New Labour is shit. Period. If we lose the next election, that’s why – and the Sun is bang on that Labour’s lost it, not the Tories won it.

    So enough of the nonsensical, half-assed editorializing about things which are pretty implicit in the headline.

    Finally, of course the media has the power to influence things – and the Murdoch empire is no different. They don’t wield universal influence, but they can set the terms of the debate – and if you think for a moment that blogs combat the hegemony of the media you’re very deluded.

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