Kerry McCarthy, Labour’s Queen of Twitter

It’s been an evening of confusion in the grey area between old and new media – Mark Hanson has summed up pretty well what happened when the Guardian let slip something LabourList was supposed to tell us first. It’s almost as though Labour needs someone to coordinate our new media presence…oh, wait, what do you know – we now have that someone!

Kerry McCarthy has been appointed Labour’s official new media campaign spokesperson. She’s the obvious choice for the role (since Prezza’s a bit tied up with Go Fourth) and you can read about her plans for sharing best practice amongst MPs and PPCs, and generally helping us new media types to help Labour, here.

I’ve had quite a long day in Walsall (it involved more guinea pigs than one would expect) so I’m not going to add much more to what Kerry has said, except:

1. She’s absolutely right that it’s Labour whose politicians have made a real effort to use blogs and social media to communicate with the voters, while the Tories have been relying more on prolific angry blogging minions (like right-wing, much more high-profile versions of me, I suppose)

2. I’m very pleased and grateful that she named this blog in her interview, along with my other favourites Bevanite Ellie* and Blackburn Labour, and a local Labour hero of new media, Labour’s PPC for Withington Lucy Powell

3. I’m looking forward immensely to the McCarthyite era of new media! That is all 🙂

* btw, I’ve only just read Ellie’s post on ‘welovetheNHS’ (I’m using an unfamiliar keyboard and it doesn’t seem to have a hash key! Argh!) and it’s excellent, have a look.


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