We won’t pay, we won’t pay ya, no wa-a-a-ay

Seems to be a slow day for Swinton South Lib Dems, who’ve been reduced to trying to think up a campaign song for the Tory PPC for Worsley & Eccles South.

Regular visitors to this blog will know said PPC as my token Tory friend, so don’t expect any sniping from me.

However, while thinking about songs I did think of one that, in my view, perfectly encapsulates the attitude of ordinary voters to 1. every MP who took the piss with our money, 2. particular MPs who then went on to whinge that being an MP is shit, 3. 26-year-olds who run for Parliament from their mother’s back room before they’ve ever had a full-time job…was that sniping? Whoops 😉

[WARNING: parental advisory lyrics.]


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