The hive-mind takes on Hannan

If you’re reading this, you probably read last night’s post on Dan Hannan’s contempt for the NHS. But it wasn’t just me: some of the finest minds on the internet were having a crack at Hannan and his Tory cronies too. Here’s a selected round-up:

First off, a few facts and figures about the system the Washington Times described as the best in the world; but which the World Health Organisation ranked in 2000 as 37th in overall performance…my friend Andy points out:

“The annual premium for an employer health plan covering a family of four: $12,700. Median American household income: $50,233. Wanna pay a quarter of your pre-tax income on health insurance? Vote Dan Hannan…”

Meanwhile, a Twitter friend with diabetes provides some context:

“Say what you want about the NHS, but there’s no one giving themselves stitches because they have to choose between eating and treatment. Cost of my prescriptions in the USA: $758.31 per month. Cost of my prescriptions in the UK on the NHS: 0 (oh, and that’s using figures from cheap canadian Internet pharmacies in part).”

Back in the blogosphere, the Political Scrapbook wonders if Hannan will be as popular with the Tories as he is with the American media. More worryingly, as Hopi Sen points out,

‘Hannan’s no fruit loop. He’s a player in Tory politics. Hannan replaced Osborne as William Hague’s speechwriter back in 2001 and is still a leader writer for the Telegraph. Here’s the question. As Hannan makes clear to his American audiences, he regards the NHS as sadly politically untouchable, believing we’re trapped with this Marxist system because it’s so uh, popular. So is he saying what certain top tories really think, or is he positioning himself for some future Cameroonian crisis?’

HS also has a good related post about the hilarious claim in Investors Business Daily that Stephen Hawking would be left to die under the NHS, whereas he…well…hasn’t. Hawking, of course, responded:

“I wouldn’t be here today if it were not for the NHS. I have received a large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived.” Good man. What’s really funny, though, is this anti-NHS comment on the AJC blog-post:

“…Hawking, by virtue of his extreme personal wealth, has access to healthcare far beyond that of most with the same physical infirmities.”

They’re just never going to get it, are they?


3 thoughts on “The hive-mind takes on Hannan

  1. $12,700 for health insurance? I work for an American company and pay $25 a month. My American friends pay $50 a month. These cover you worldwide for all your dependants

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