Euthanasia and cake

If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed me whinging and whining and complaining more than usual lately. I do apologise. It’s my job. I love it but it does, essentially, consist of people telling me about the things that stop their lives being bearable (more on this later).

Last week, someone called me to ask for the number of ‘The Euthanasia Society’ (Dignity In Dying, I assumed), which he’d promised to get for his neighbour who was elderly and ill and had ‘given up’.

That’s a thought to depress anyone’s week (and I made him promise to call Age Concern first) but of course I believe that everyone has the right to die when they want to. Which is why I was interested in an email newsletter from ‘OOFFOO‘, an ‘all things ethical’ organisation I’ve recently discovered (their name comes from 00FF00, the html code for the colour green, don’t you see): in between recycling tips and recipes for chocolate courgette cake, they have a debate on whether ‘Right To Die’ facilities should be made publicly available, with contributions from both Dignity In Dying and Care Not Killing. Worth a read.


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