As I mentioned last week, LabourList has been collating ‘New ideas for a renewed movement’ from tweets and emails sent in. I submitted a few on Wednesday, inspired by my day at work –

Scrap the different rates of NMW and benefits according to age. Being under 25 is no less expensive than being 25+.

Schools should teach how to budget, how to run a bank account, which bills you should pay first, what credit is…

National standards and enforcement agency for private landlords.

Better support for people with English as a second language

– and this week I would like to add:

Increased funding to provide survivors of domestic violence with counselling and emotional support as well as housing

and possibly

Nationalise the Observer!

However, what’s important is that ‘ordinary’ voters – as opposed to Labour loyalists like me – get to have their say on policy, so that Labour is going into the next general election (and ideally, of course, a fourth term) with policies that are necessary and relevant.

This is true at a local level as well as nationally, which is why Manchester Young Labour are holding a Policy Forum to engage with the views of young Mancunians on the issues facing Manchester: transport, the environment, community, leisure, everything Manchester Council does well and could do better. It’s on the 22nd August at the Town Hall and we want to get a LOT of people there – not just the MYL Committee sat around talking to each other. If you live in Manchester and you’re young-ish we want to see you there – email our Policy Officer Tom on for more info.


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