Afternoon pop pickers…

Someone from Blackburn Labour told me that all right-thinking bloggers were ignoring the silly Total Politics poll, so I didn’t vote.

Then all the other bloggers and Tweeters started listing the blogs they were voting for (ignoring Iain Dale’s instructions that we are not supposed to do this), and Tom Harris put Blackburn Labour at the top of his list, and – wouldn’t you know it – suddenly our correspondents from JackStrawLand got very excited about lists. And they made one. And they put me at #8 (in between Harry Cole and Cllr Tim…not sure how I feel about that) so now I’m very excited about lists too.

Like I say, it’s completely against the Total Politics rules to put a list like this on your blog, so chances are my votes will be disallowed, but meh, you all want to know who I’m reading, don’t you? …Right?

So here they are, in reverse order…drum-roll please…

10. Iain Lindley – token Tory of the list. Yes, he talks bollocks, but he is making an effort to communicate with local residents, and he’s as prolific as you’d expect from someone who doesn’t have a real job

9. Labour Women – it’s not updated often enough, but it’s a good idea and there are a good range of views on there

8. LabourList – whatever you think about it (and we had a lot of things to say about it at the bloggers’ meet-up two weeks ago), you still have to read it. And, as they said over at Blackburn Labour, Alex Smith deserves props for the post-Draper rebuilding effort

7. The Stilettoed Socialist – the witty, passionate blog of BevaniteEllie

6. Shot By Both Sides – similarly witty and passionate blog of BevaniteEllie’s mentor, otherwise known as government whip, MP for Bristol East and fellow vegan Kerry McCarthy

5. The F-Word – there is, of course, more to politics than party politics, and this is essential reading for the feminist perspective and some seriously underreported news

4. Go Fourth – absolutely brilliant. Who would have thought John Prescott would be so down with new media? His coverage of Coulsongate, as one of the people who got hacked, was especially worth reading

3. Cllr Tim – this man should be Prime Minister.

2. Alastair Campbell – this man shouldn’t, but he’s a damn good blogger. Tom Harris is right that there’s too much football, but the analysis and asides in between make it all worthwhile

1. Blackburn Labour – this blog only started this year and absolutely everybody is reading it. It’s a winning combination of local issues, party political time-wasting and Jack Straw, and the obvious choice for the top spot.

So that’s how I’m voting! Obviously you don’t have to vote like that. In fact, if you’re going to vote – which you can do here – then both I and Project Grandad would be grateful for your support 🙂


3 thoughts on “Afternoon pop pickers…

    1. As the close of the Total Politics poll approached, Tory Bear began to consider desperate measures to win those few extra votes…sorry Harry, you’re not really my type.

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