As promised!

Sorry, this post is going to be a bit massive. Like I said I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and since I started it I’ve been delayed by swine flu and #freeBevaniteEllie and stuff.

In the couple of months since I was last regularly blogging, I have…

– been listening to a lot of Lily Allen – she’s a Labour supporter don’tchaknow, and also dedicated her song ‘F**k You‘ to Nick Griffin, which is almost as good

– derived continual amusement from Nadine Dorries, whose every word gives the lie to Cameron’s pretence that the Tories have changed (“When I wrote on yesterday’s blog that having supper with Lord and Lady Rothschild should be fun, I hadn’t quite realised how much fun it would be…”)

– spent a lot of time being angry at Caroline Flint, James Purnell and Hazel Blears – I appreciate John Prescott’s anger on this although tend to agree more with Alastair Campbell’s slightly more measured take on the European campaign

– continued to be horrified by the BNP (and by my appearance on the front of the Morning Star (!) protesting against the BNP…) although increasingly confident that the European result is our ‘Le Pen moment’. So many voters – including voters in this ward, according to members of my branch party – stayed away because they didn’t believe the BNP really posed a threat; now they’re getting a shock, especially given Nick Griffin’s recent outrageous call to sink immigrants’ boats. Hopefully it’ll also be a shake-up to those in our Party who didn’t seem to see it as a priority to campaign in the elections

– been delighted that Manchester Labour and the Prime Minister have been able to recover the £6.5m lost by Christie’s in the Icelandic bank collapse. Here’s a video about it:

– felt the same general helplessness in the face of Iran as everyone else (is turning your Twitter avatar green the lowest form of activism?), and embarrassment that Khamenei used the MPs expenses scandal as an attack against the legitimacy of British concerns

– visited Theresa Griffin’s beautiful house in Liverpool with other members of LGBT Labour North West to commiserate over the European election results – Theresa was a fantastic candidate and will continue to be valuable to the Labour Party and to the North West for a very long time

– been frankly bemused by the Speaker elections – I never understand it when we’re supposed to support Tories for things, but Bercow’s election seems to have pissed off Cameron and Nadine Dorries, so that’s something

– been staggeringly impressed by the government’s commitment to build 20,000 new affordable homes, as well as the rest of the plan for Building Britain’s Future

– experienced quite a lot of Old Labour glee at the nationalisation of NXEC, and had a similarly train-geeky moment of excitement about the speediness that will come with electrification

– been disappointed that the defendants in the Drax case were found guilty

– failed to attend London Pride (I was at work, as I invariably am when anything interesting happens), although I was very proud that some of my fellow LGBT Labour North West members went along, and that Sarah Brown made international news by marching at the head of the parade. Meanwhile have been utterly unconvinced by David Cameron’s apology for section 28 and the rest of his gay-friendly facade – the company the Tories in Europe are keeping shows their true colours

– watched an interesting climate change Q&A with Ed Miliband as part of the Manchester Report – one of the few Manchester International Festival events I managed to make it to, unfortunately, although Elbow and the Halle were amazing

– continued to enjoy Cllr Tim Cheetham’s blog, particularly this very touching personal post

– been mentioned on Harry Cole’s ‘Tory Bear’ blog (no, I’m not linking to that)…must have been a slow day, or two

– repeatedly woken up in a cold sweat at the idea of Lord Mandelson becoming leader of the Labour Party – despite his impressive comic timing

– attended City Party at which young Labour members were again thanked for their efforts in the European elections

– wondered how, exactly, Andy Coulson can claim not to have known that his reporters were hacking people’s phones while he was editor of News of the World

– become the Women’s Officer of Manchester Young Labour

– met Labour bloggers and Tweeters from around the North West to discuss what would make our blogs better and what’s wrong with Labour List! Shout out to Blackburn Labour, Mark Hanson, Steve Hanlon, Chris Paul, Nicolas Redfern and James Cowley, and apologies to whoever I’ve forgotten

– spent a day with my Nan and (Project) Grandad, who I’m trying to convince to start Tweeting

– started planning for Annual Conference: I very much hope Bevanite Ellie sorts her accommodation out, we’re planning to stalk Harriet Harman and assault James Purnell with song

– posted homemade vegan biscuits to a selection of my Twitterfollowers. You should follow me. You might get biscuits. Unless you’re a Tory.

– attended a Labour Party fundraiser in celebration of diversity, with good speeches by Richard Leese, Tony Lloyd and Sadiq Khan

– been as disappointed as everyone else in the Labour Party by today’s result in Norwich North. It’s interesting to note the continuing trend of Labour voters simply staying at home. We need to work on re-engaging them – the kind of voters my Grandad Project is aimed at

– finally, been very proud of the latest generation of my friends and fellow Labour Club members to graduate from the University of York. Aren’t they pretty?





And that’s it, as far as I can remember! Back to regular blogging now, I promise. And now I must sleep off my post-viral fatigue! Goodnight!


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