If you wanna be a blogger, you have to write a blog

Later this afternoon I’m off to the ‘Labour Northwest Online Campaigning Meeting‘ or, as it’s more commonly been called, ‘that Northern Labour bloggers Manchester meet-up thing’. It’s not just for bloggers, but I’m fairly sure I was invited because of this blog rather than because of my relentless tweeting. Which makes it all the more shameful that I haven’t touched this blog for more than a month.

I blame Twitter. In the past if I saw a good campaign or something annoyed me I’d sit down and rant about it for 1500 words. Now I can vent my ire or admiration in 140-character segments – which I do more or less constantly, so if you do want to keep track of what I’m up to and you’re not the Twitter type (i.e. if you’re my mother) then you can have a look at the Twitterfeed over there on the left. (She does, as well. I need to stop swearing so much.)

But that’s not to say I’ve given up blogging. I just had a mammoth post in mind a month ago about the European election results and the BNP and the resignations and the reshuffle, and the longer I put it off the longer it got in my head and the more time I thought it would take me when I finally got around to it and…well, that’s how I ended up being a month behind.

I’ve scrapped the mammoth post – everything worthwhile about the BNP results has probably been said already – but I have been up to some interesting stuff in the last few weeks and I’d like to go on about it for a bit, so I’ll post hugely about that this evening. Rock n roll Saturday nights in the Fletcher-Hackwood household!


One thought on “If you wanna be a blogger, you have to write a blog

  1. What I don’t understand is how did you ever get people to read blogs in the days before twitter ?

    Mind you I can’t get anyone to read mine anyway. I suppose posting on it helps !

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