Donate Not Hate

Got the following email from Hope Not Hate today:


Thanks to the expense scandals we’re in a tough spot.

Voters are turning away from the traditional political parties – and the BNP are cranking up their propaganda machine to try to take advantage.

Politicians have let every person in Britain down. Lots of people could be considering staying home and abstaining to show their anger. People are right to be angry, but if the mainstream majority of voters stay home on Election Day, the BNP will be let in through the back door.

But you can stop them. Donate £10, or whatever you can afford, to our campaign now.

Our campaign is gearing up to stop the BNP. We’re making a big impact – in the past few weeks alone, you and other supporters gave out over 2 million leaflets. It’s been amazing. But the success of the campaign has us in a bit of a spot. We’ve put out so many materials, we need to do another print run.

We need to raise £8,000 by Thursday to get the next 500,000 glossy leaflets published in time for our next Days of Action over the Bank Holiday weekend.

So I’m asking you to do something special – something we’ve never tried before.

Yesterday I wrote to the people who have donated to our campaign previously – asking them to match the donations of people who have yet to donate. We had a staggering response – which means that every penny you donate will be effectively doubled.

So by donating £10 now our campaign will receive £20. And by donating £20 we’ll receive £40.

Will you donate £10 to our campaign?

From the start I knew that we could only win this fight with a genuine grassroots campaign – you’ve risen to the challenge time and time again. So thank you.

While our message of hope shines through, the BNP’s racist attacks and lies seem to grow by the day. We are running out of time to fight them.

Our first thousand donors gave this campaign the strength it needed to become a movement – now I need your help to propel our campaign forward. The value of your donation will be doubled by one of our current donors – will you contribute to the £8,000 cost of 500,000 more campaign leaflets? This email is being sent to tens of thousands of people – and if we all chip in a little, we will beat this target and more.

Politics might be the last thing you want to think about right now – but no matter what you feel about the politicians in Westminster, we can’t let the BNP win as a result.

Thank you,

Nick Lowles


Obviously it’s a worthy cause, and I’ll be having a look at my budget to see if I can spare a tenner (yeah, yeah, I have a budget. On a spreadsheet. I’m cool)…but if it’s thanks to the expenses scandal that we’re in a tight spot, then couldn’t we wheedle a little cash out of the MPs that got us into it? Ask every MP who broke the letter or spirit of the rules to add a zero onto the end of every donation made by Hope Not Hate activists, perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Donate Not Hate

  1. I’m unfortunately a bit ignorant when it comes to British politics. In all honesty j know more about US politics than I do about UK politics. However I know that my vote counts and I need to make it count rather than just do ip-dip and pluck a name out of the air.

    Where’s the place to start?

    1. You should have received mail-outs from all the main parties by now – if not, or if someone’s already recycled them, then you could have a look at their websites to compare policies.

      Either way, you can always cast your vote for our hardworking Labour MEPs and new candidates 😉 where in the country are you?

      1. We have had lots from Lib Dem’s and Conservatives but not much else – we had one from a local independant person but I don’t think his name actually appeared on any of the voting slips which was funny.

        I know my local Labour people are Patrick Hall and Alistair Burt – although these are MPs rather than local councillors. I know there is also Nadine Dorries but i’m not sure which party she is for!

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