All you fascists are bound to lose

Over 400 people have been involved in the HOPE not hate campaign across Greater Manchester in the past week alone. So far they’ve delivered 184,000 newspapers and leaflets, covering 15 of Manchester’s 31 wards, delivering over 25,000 newspapers across Oldham, and putting out 40,000 of the 50,000 leaflets allocated to Wigan & Leigh.

This weekend they’re out in Salford (my new home!…well, I’ve worked there for three weeks, but I feel like I haven’t seen my actual home much in that time) as well as Trafford and some of the bits of Manchester they haven’t reached so far. I’ll be there – join us, and you get to see Billy Bragg perform!!

Find out more and sign up at See you there?

On a related note, my belated congratulations to my good friend David Levene who has been rallying the cause of Hope Not Hate at the University of York.

Want further reading? Have a look at Cllr Tim Cheetham’s blog on why beating the BNP is important to him – as it should be to all genuine patriots.


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