I’m still here!

Sorry, loyal readership – this full-time-job lark doesn’t half take it out of my blogging time. Also I was in Edinburgh from Saturday to Monday (incidentally, Blackford Park/Blackford Hill is an AMAZING place to walk a dog. I don’t have a dog. But a lot of people there did and now I’m thinking of getting one and keeping it in Edinburgh).

So, what have I missed? The Equality Bill, of course. I was in a flat devoid of telly when that was being debating so mostly kept up with the debate on Twitter. Isn’t it sad that such a fantastic boost for equality – something that will improve the working lives, particularly, of so many people – is being knocked off the front pages by talk about Tory moats and Prezza’s toilet seats and such?

Of course, it’s not just the media interest – people are talking about MPs’ expenses on the doorstep, they’re talking about them in the CAB (sorry, those are the only two places I go), and the whole thing needs to be sorted, damn quickly, before the public loses its last wispy shreds of faith in politicians. So it’s good to see politicians falling over each other in self-flagellation and refunds. Cameron’s weird, school-assembly-style recounting of everything his shadow cabinet had done wrong seemed a bit of an odd decision, which must surely have just drawn attention to their typically Tory lifestyles. “Oliver Letwin will pay back the money you
gave him for his swimming-pool! Alan Duncan will pay back the money you gave him for his garden! George Osborne will pay back the money you gave him to buy a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted yacht!”*

I made a promise to my Twitter-followers last week that, in the spirit of ‘those who forget 1979 are condemned to repeat it’, I am not going to contribute to any in-fighting. At all. I’m being positive about everyone in the Labour Party, be they Derek Draper (does the right thing in the end), David Miliband (has apparently been compared to Barack Obama), or Phil Woolas (er…knows when to shut up). I’m not quite sure how me being nice about Phil Woolas is going to help us win in 2010, but it made sense when I thought of it, and it surely can’t hurt.

And so it is that I don’t even roll my eyes at Hazel Blears any more, particularly since she had the good sense to take the initiative and write a cheque to HMRC for what she was accused of owing them. (And even more since this act of quick thinking caused ITN to drop a feature in which Hazel was slammed by a local, sadly moatless Tory.)

Right, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow – new additions to the blogroll, and saving the minimum wage! (If I can stay awake long enough…)

* One of these is not a real expenses claim.

One thought on “I’m still here!

  1. Funny post, Grace – I also thought Cameron’s speech was headmasterish, and some of the Tory claims for expenses were obscene.

    But the last bit I find worrying. So desperate are you for Labour to win in 2010 that this blog will avoid criticising anything as long is it to do with that party. I am at present an undecided voter (though with centre-right leanings).

    However, I find the unfettered tribalism of Labour supporters – and their insistence that the Conservatives are the same old foe (despite what I see as quite promising green initiatives and a focus on the NHS) I find off-putting.

    I will continue to read this blog for the moment, but why should I bother if I know what it’s going to say – that Labour are ALWAYS right, and the Tories are ALWAYS wrong. What about a little bit of impartiality or independent thought?


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