Unusual amounts of campaigning for one so lazy

Hello all, sorry for neglecting you recently…it is kinda because I have a job now!! I’ve not been doing anything too interesting at the CAB just yet though – just taking it all in – so I won’t inflict any Tales from Grace’s Job on you yet.

I will, however, do my best to impress you with my campaigning antics of late. On Saturday I spent the day on the Wirral with LGBT Labour North West and Euro candidate Theresa Griffin, canvassing for the Euro elections as well as for local MPs Ben Chapman and Angela Eagle (goodness me, her website’s good).

Here we all are, look
Here we all are, look

From talking to voters it was obvious that both Ben and Angela have a lot of local support and that voters appreciate how hard they work for them – on almost every street in both Wirral South and Wallasey someone had a personal story of an issue their MP had helped them with.

The day was also a good opportunity to introduce voters to Theresa and get their thoughts on the European elections. One voter in Wallasey told us that she’d actually been phone-canvassed by the BNP: utterly counter-productive, as it had made her aware not only that the European elections were coming up, but that she needed to vote against the fascists. Better still, she’s going to vote for us *thumbs up*

Yesterday was a bit lazier, with an hour or so of phone-canvassing via Virtual Phonebank. Rumour has it that as we LGBTLNW-types have been spending so much time doing just that (thanks to the inspiration and hospitality of Kevin and Anthony…) we can expect an appreciate phone call from Someone Important who is sadly unlikely to be Harriet Harman 😦

And then today I went across to Warrington (with Kevin again) for an hour and a half’s leafleting on Labour’s message for the European elections, and a chance to chat to Theresa again about Liverpool Confidential’s ‘Two Griffins’ feature. We’re not sure what we think…well, we know what we think of the assertion that ‘whether we like it or not, the BNP remains a legitimate political party’. Don’t think so…have a read of the article and leave a comment if you like, I’m off to bed to dream of leaflets πŸ™‚

ETA – yes, I know how stupid I look in that photo. I wasn’t curtseying, that’s just how I stand…


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