Save the whal…ing campaigners

I can’t remember if I’ve treated you to this bit of ‘Grace’s life’ trivia before, but: the first campaign I ever took part in was a Greenpeace ‘Save The Whales’ one, when I was five. (I wasn’t clinging to the mast of the Rainbow Warrior, or anything, I just wrote a letter to someone in Japan and then Greenpeace sent me a certificate.) As a result there is a special place in my heart for every part of the campaign by the green and peaceful ones to save the huge and blubbery ones, and I got an email on this very topic yesterday so I thought I would share it with you.

It seems that last year Greenpeace received a tip-off from someone within the Japanese whaling industry that crew members from Japan’s whaling fleet were stealing meat and selling it on the black market. Two anti-whaling campaigners, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, obtained a box of stolen whale meat, held a press conference and asked for an investigation. 

What happened next is difficult to believe: the Tokyo public prosecutor decided not to investigate the whalers, and to put Junichi and Toru on trial instead. The good news Greenpeace emailed me yesterday is that the ‘Tokyo Two’ have had their bail conditions relaxed so that they can return to their jobs. They’re still looking at up to 10 years in prison and they still aren’t allowed to talk about the case.

You can get the full story by watching this Greenpeace video – it’s quite long, but well worth it – and then you can sign a petition pointing out to the Japanese authorities that if they’re going to arrest people for campaigning against whaling, they might run out of space…

3 thoughts on “Save the whal…ing campaigners

  1. Really? Then YOU wrote the letter! That’s cheating! Do I have to send my certificate back? Do you still have it??

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