Join the Complainathon on May 1st!

May 1st is People & Planet’s Day of Action against Topshop, as part of P&P’s Redress Fashion campaign. There will be much hanging of banners outside shops and such, but if you’re more of an armchair activist, I’ve just received a message about another tactic that might suit you…

The idea is to phone Topshop’s customer complaints lines, on 0844 984 0264, and asking why Topshop hasn’t joined the Ethical Trading Initiative. It’s harder to ignore than sending a lot of letters.

P&P suggests:

“Maybe follow the script below, maybe do your own, maybe improvise ;but keep it polite because it’s a call centre worker (as usual) who’s getting the gip, but it’s not their fault! [Hear hear.]

‘Hello, can I be put through to complaints?’

‘I want to know why Topshop is the only leading brand on the high street not to have joined the Ethical Trading Initiative? I want to complain about the conditions you allow your workers to work in and the appalling wages you pay them. I want to know what you’re going to do about it.’ ”

(For more information on said working conditions and wages, click on the word ‘Topshop’ above.)

P&P’s aim is to get 2000 people doing this on May 1st but I reckon there could easily be more. Spread the word!

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