Exciting times in Rusholme BLP

I had a branch meeting this evening, having missed one or two, which meant it was my first chance to meet Rusholme’s local Labour candidate for next year’s council elections, Rabnawaz Akbar, and get an update on the campaign.

Rusholme is a famously diverse ward and the branch has some excellent ideas for targeting its campaigns to reach a variety of voters. From what we discussed this evening it looks like we can make really positive use of not only the traditional campaigning methods – door-knocking, out-cards, making the most of the links our local candidate has in his community – but of new media as well, particularly to attract the ward’s large student population.

Our candidate, it turns out, doesn’t have a Facebook profile yet, so we’ve put that to the top of his to-do list and are hoping also to set up a Rusholme Labour blog – and maybe a Twitter profile, because, let’s face it, I’m addicted. We also discussed a possible campaign on the issue of litter along the Curry Mile, so look out for that one online too…it’s ver’ glamorous all this social networking y’know 😉


2 thoughts on “Exciting times in Rusholme BLP

  1. Nice to meet you as well Grace.

    Looking forward to arranging a meeting with you, Rick and Ahmed at Ahmed’s place (possibly next week) to get the ball rolling with this.

    I agree, Rusholme is a fantastic ward with a vibrant and diverse community and is known all over the world and I am honoured to be chosen as candidate for this ward.

    I look ahead with great anticipation and am confident that through genuine hard work we will win this seat next May; but more importantly, the Labour Team will help to improve the area for our residents (I include the large student population in this category, because they make a vital and significant contribution to the area which gives Rusholme its uniqueness) and the large number of visitors to Rusholme.

    I want us to be proud of Rusholme. When the students who reside here during their studies go back to their homes, in all corners of the world, I want them to leave by saying “Yes, I made the right choice going to Manchester and living in Rusholme because it was the best time of my life.”

    Meanwhile, if there are any students out there reading this then I appreciate this is a stressful time of the year with exams coming up (been there and done it and presently have 2 kids at uni.), so I wish you all the best and hope you achieve what you desire.


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