‘FFS’ moment of the week

I’ve been saying for a couple of days that it’s only a matter of time until the Mail or the Express run a comment piece – probably written by a woman – blaming Jacqui Smith for her husband watching porn films.

I haven’t spotted the piece I had in mind yet, since I don’t read either of those papers – keep an eye out for me if you do, it will say something about ‘career women’ and ‘men having needs’ and ‘can we really blame him’ and possibly ’emasculation’.

However, I have found an article blaming Jacqui Smith for her husband’s choice in viewing matter, and furthermore sympathising, not with the (highly politically objectionable, I’m not disputing that) woman who has just been publicly humiliated, but with the man who humiliated her. Unfortunately for my predictions, the piece was written by a man – and it’s in Commentisfree on the Guardian website. FFS.


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