Universities want to lift the cap. Shocker.

When I was at university we organised a delegation to NUS’s demonstration against top-up fees in London in October 2006. Since top-up fees were introduced NUS’s focus has been on retaining the £3000 cap on fees. At the time this was criticised as insufficiently ambitious, but the need for this campaign is being explosively demonstrated today as every news outlet reports on the Vice-Chancellors who are angling to lift the cap. Wes Streeting, the NUS President, is right – it’s unbelievably arrogant to blithely condemn a generation of young people to a lifetime of debt in the middle of an economic downturn just because they want an education.

If you’re a current student or a graduate affected by top-up fees go here and make your point on some or all of the coverage of this. Apparently there’s also an NUS lobby of Parliament tomorrow.


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