Sweet Mandarin

Last year, until I was forced to find somewhere more cat-friendly, I lived in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I miss the area very much and would move back in a second if only Audrey wasn’t so attached to things like grass and trees.

Although my current location obviously offers a lot in the way of eating in/eating out opportunities, one of the things I miss is a Chinese restaurant on Copperas Street called Sweet Mandarin. It was about twenty seconds’ walk from my flat off Tib Street, on the way to the Co-op Bank where I worked, and I took advantage of a lunch deal there…rather more than was probably sensible…as well as persuading generous friends to buy me dinner there more than once as well. Excellent service, food I am currently salivating just to think about.

However, it’s only since my life began to revolve around Twitter that I realised the extent to which Sweet Mandarin is much more than a restaurant. The three Tse sisters who run it are Manchester celebrities. They have a book, they run cooking classes, and they host networking events at the restaurant – including a ‘Manchester Tweet Up’ last week which I sadly missed. Lisa Tse, who seems even more obsessed with Twitter and with the greatness of Manchester than I am,  is currently looking at holding a series of events to match Manchester jobhunters with recruiters, and after I got in touch (as a jobhunter, fan and fellow Tweeter) she asked me to spread the word. If you’re looking for a job or if you have one to offer, email sweetmandarin@gmail.com or, if you’re on Twitter, follow Lisa – @sweetmandarin.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Mandarin

  1. Grace, thank you for your lovely blog….when I read it…..it encourages me….to continue to serve the nation of Manchester, and help where I can. Manchester is and always will be my home. Its time to put the Great in Manchester again. There are people who need jobs, and jobs that need people. I will use my network, contacts and of course Twitter to make the connection. Good luck. This is the year of the Ox. Be strong. Best wishes and sweet dishes. Lisa Tse of Sweet Mandarin

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