Alastair Campbell – New Statesman Guest Editor

Alastair Campbell (yeah, him again) will be editing the New Statesman the week after next.

As part of the issue, he will be giving a page over to readers’ suggestions on how to end the sentence “If I had one sentence in the next Labour manifesto, it would say ….”

I really want to suggest something but I don’t know what. Something about women at work? Domestic violence? New coal? Heathrow? Iran? Asylum seekers? Aaaargh.

If you’re more decisive than me, you can suggest manifesto sentences by…er…actually the Facebook update I got wasn’t really clear on that. But according to the comments AC has left on this blog you can reach him on Ooh, or, actually, he blogged about this ages ago (Facebook is way behind Twitter and the blogosphere) so you could comment on this post at his blog. His own suggestions are compulsory voting and an end to charitable status for private schools. I agree with both although not sure about the practicalities of the first.

Anyway, better go and think of my own suggestions…they might involve prescription charging. I’m snuffling at home again and clutching my little green prescriptions, and Radio 4 has just informed me that it’s £7.10 per prescription, soon to go up by 10p. £7.20!! Which reminds me – if you’re a student (and especially if you’re Matthew Pallas, candidate for Welfare Officer in the University of York Student Union elections, hem hem) then go and join NUS’s campaign for free prescriptions for students. It’s too late for me but you can still save yourselves!


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