Meanwhile, back in Blackburn…

Jack Straw should be making a statement in the Commons about now-ish, about the Freedom of Information Act, Iraq war cabinet minutes and all that. I am at work so I don’t know what he is saying. However, to entertain myself in the meantime…it seems someone has been making free with his own information.

Jack Straw’s constituency email was hacked by some con artists (believed to be from Nigeria – why are they always from Nigeria? Not a racial slur, just a geographical perplexity) who emailed the Justice Secretary’s entire contacts list saying that Jack was trapped in Africa having had his wallet stolen.

According to the Telegraph, ‘One constituent is believed to have replied to the email, but nobody offered any money.’ Ungrateful bastards in Blackburn, aren’t they?

My ‘ungrateful bastard’ correspondent is busy being apologetic to all the other ungrateful bastards (i.e. people who are slightly concerned about miscellaneous hackers seeing all their emails to their MP…) but according to Jack, “there’s no evidence that confidentiality of constituents was affected”.

Apparently Microsoft shut down Jack’s email so quickly that the only information the hackers got to were the email addresses in Jack’s contact list.  So it’s OK for me to be giggling.


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