Happy birthday hunting ban

According to the League Against Cruel Sports page on Facebook, today is the fourth anniversary of the day the Hunting Act came into force, outlawing hunting with hounds.

In the wake of the High Court decision on the ban earlier this month, the League amongst others are keen to point out that rumours of the hunting ban’s death are greatly exaggerated, saying that the decision by the High Court to clarify exactly the circumstances under which dogs can be used in hunting will only make it easier for those who break the ban to be prosecuted.

Unfortunately the League also document incidents of hunters seriously intimidating hunt monitors – see for example this video – as well as the more well-publicised and much more numerous incidents of the ban being flouted. In just the last month, a fifth of all MPs have signed a Commons’ motion calling on the police to better ensure the ban is actually being enforced – go here to encourage your MP to sign up. (I’ve done it, but my wonderful MP Sir Gerald is a well-known opponent of hunting with hounds anyway, and has been assaulted by pro-hunters himself in the past.)


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