Tuesday = telly

There’s an interesting contrast on TV at the moment in terms of guilting-the-public-into-feeding-their-kids-better adverts.

The Department of Health/NHS Choices’ friendly, cuddly, no-long-words Change4Life advert launched just after New Year – I’m a big fan of its non-specific exhortation to ‘Move More’, and have been moving my muffin-making spoon much more since it came on.

No, I mock unfairly. Change4Life is actually a great campaign. The emphasis on living longer seems pretty effective (my paternal grandfather died of heart disease at the unbelievable age of 30, so throughout my childhood my mom’s diktats about cholesterol and such were always topped with a healthy layer of fear), and there’s also an encouraging focus on community. The website is full of cheery platitudes about how change is easier if we all do it together (shades of Obama, there) and you can also search for healthful activities in your local area.

As you may be able to tell, I signed up to the website. You get to make one of those little jelly-baby characters (how are they meant to encourage healthy eating, btw? Like those ‘safe drinking’ billboards before Christmas with the alcohol units written on the side of the glasses in condensation – except, as Charlie Brooker pointed out, the drinks looked irresistible) AND they send you a free welcome pack! Although, not wanting to rip off the NHS, I was honest about the number of children I have (none, assuming they wouldn’t count Audrey as a child…) and so I probably won’t get a wallchart and stickers to make sure I’m getting my 5 A Day. Bah.

So anyway, in contrast to the funny happy jelly babies, we have this from the Food Standards Agency, warning of the dangers of saturated fat. Watch it – but not if you’re snacking. I was already, thanks to the aforementioned Grandad Fletcher, terrified of saturated fat (this is one of the reasons I’m a vegan) but am even more so now. Also slightly nauseous. I genuinely expect there to be complaints about this being shown at teatime.

OK, that’s enough of all that. I need to spend less time on the Internet. One of my friends had to stage a Twitter-intervention last night at 1am.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday = telly

    1. Oh yeah I knew that…I always insert a ‘5’ by accident because I’m thinking David was 5 at the time.

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