‘Alastair Campbell is now following you on Twitter’

Because I’ve been stuck in bed poorly all weekend (thus missing John Prescott at Young Labour NW’s Big Weekend, but more excessive capitalisation later) – and because I clearly don’t have enough things to distract me from updating this blog or ever getting my bloody novel finished – I have discovered, amongst many other entertaining and varyingly legal online diversions, Twitter.

Most readers of this blog are probably well up on all the new media, but my mom reads it from time to time, so I will explain. Or rather, I will direct you to this Charlie Brooker article about Twitter which is funnier on the subject than I could ever be.  And then I expect any of you who are on Twitter to add me. Add Alastair Campbell too, he adds everyone back, and you get an email saying so and then you wonder where your life started to go wrong.


2 thoughts on “‘Alastair Campbell is now following you on Twitter’

  1. Hi.I’m just learning how to do this.
    I’m trying to rebuild my life after a divorce and last night I joined Guardian Soulmates.Oh dear.Someone from Dubai replyed asking if I was curvy.Please wish me luck in the future.
    I’ve also added to 2 blogs and now I’m twittering.
    I’m finally joining the 21st century kicking and screaming.

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