Also on the Greenpeace website…

…is some work they are doing on mapping the damage being caused by soya production in the Amazon.

Any mention of soya pokes my somewhat-overused guilt button, because, as a vegan, soya makes up around 100% of my diet. However it’s actually a good example of the efficiency of veggie diets over meaty ones: if all soya was fed directly to people (mmm, tofu and such) instead of being fed to big hungry cows, then we wouldn’t need as much soya. Also there’d be less cutting down of vast swathes of Amazon to graze the big hungry cows on. That’s economics, that.  I think. Possibly it’s physics.

Anyway, this is all part of Greenpeace’s anti-deforestation campaign, ‘Forests For Climate’. Deforestation is now recognised to cause about 20% of annual greenhouse gas emissions – which means, as Greenpeace says, that ‘cutting down trees is more destructive to the planet than the entire global transport sector’. Sign the ‘Forests For Climate’ petition here.


3 thoughts on “Also on the Greenpeace website…

  1. I have not trusted Greenpeace for years since they sold out the worlds whales in their commitment to compromise (ie whaling continues) which is why Paul Watson left to set up Sea Shepherd. Also, they are close to leading Tories and the god awful por hunting Zac Goldsmith.
    You will find a lot of people in Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth who could not care less about animals.
    Im a vegetarian and will go on using soya.

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