Most advisable headline change ever?

Did I imagine it, or was this story on the MEN website yesterday under the headline ‘Cameron ‘promises’ TIF cash’, or something very similar? Daring use of inverted commas. Even the usual anti-TIF MEN commenters can recognise that “My view is that if you have got good schemes to go ahead with then you should have the money anyway” in no way amounts to a promise of £3bn. Mind you, promising the earth while opposing every conceivable way of paying for it is Cameron’s favourite hobby just lately, so I suppose it wouldn’t be so out of character.

I was fortunate enough to spend half an hour in the company of a much more admirable group of people yesterday: passengers on the 142 bus route on my way home. The Stop The War vigil outside the BBC was continuing and as we stopped next to it, one of the demonstrators thrust a handful of flyers at the window – and the nearest passenger opened it, took them, and handed them out to the many others who wanted one. A lovely moment. There are a LOT of coaches going from Manchester to the national demonstration on Saturday – the Manchester Stop The War website keeps crashing on me, which might be my laptop’s problem rather than the site’s, but you can email to go from the city centre, for Rusholme and for the university.

Also on the Gaza conflict: while I agree to an extent with Nick Clegg, I think we can file his comments under ‘things you can say if you know you’re never going to be in government’.

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