New Year, same old….

Yes, I’m back. Sorry I haven’t posted in a month, winter makes me depressed. Israel also makes me depressed. I’m sure I have nothing to contribute to any Gaza debate beyond the same outrage everyone else is expressing (and also the cheerless footnote that the crisis is even starting to ruin Obama for us) except possibly to suggest that if you’re feeling as angry and powerless as I am, you could do worse than to donate to Oxfam’s crisis work in Gaza, because, whatever Tzipi Livni says, what is happening in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis and has been for some time. And, incidentally, an Oxfam-funded paramedic is among the Palestinian dead.

Back in the UK life goes on, which of course means it’s the Tories making me angry and depressed. While Gordon Brown announces plans to take some of the sting out of the recession by creating 100,000 new jobs, the Tories are suggesting the only idea they have ever had – cuts, cuts and more cuts – and David Cameron is suggesting the newest version of his, which is ‘let’s come up with eco-sounding gimmicks with cute names and maybe people will vote for me‘. Of course, coping with the environmental crisis is vital to coping with the economic crisis. But let’s actually do it, shall we? The Tories are a two-note piano, and no-one liked that tune the last time.

And on a much less serious note – yeah, the banner, I know, I know. I’ll get it sorted.


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