Thursday: Jobs Day

Now, I have a job, and no particular desire to get a new one, but so ingrained is the effect of my unemployed weeks in Manchester that I tend to grab the first MEN I see every Thursday without even remembering that it’s Jobs Day.

Today, however, I was reminded. The paper-stand chappie at the Piccadilly Gardens end of Market Street had given up on subtler methods of giving people free news and had covered his stall in handwritten signs just saying ‘Jobs’. How to give away newspapers in a recession, lesson #4.

Also, maybe I’m imagining it, but has anyone else noticed that there are a LOT of teaching and healthcare jobs around at the moment? And I mocked all my schoolfriends who became teachers just like their mothers (that is: more or less all of my schoolfriends). They may be the only recession-proof people I know.

Also playing on people’s job fears is a frankly despicable Army advert I hadn’t seen before today, which attempts to entice new recruits under the slogan ‘Feeling insecure in your job?’. Subtext: ‘making stuff and serving people and jobs like that are pretty expendable, but we’ll ALWAYS need people to kill people’. Or maybe an alternative slogan could be: ‘The Army: for people who put job security above life security’.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. In the winter months I like to sleep a lot.


3 thoughts on “Thursday: Jobs Day

  1. RE: Your comment about The Army

    Brings to mind The Song “War, hu, What is it good for”

    Well for a start – employment. The UK Defence Industry employs thousands of people. The government has delayed the building of 2 Second Gen Aircraft carriers which put at risk 10,000 jobs at various locations around the country. In an economic downturn around christmas, this is fantastic news for the families that rely on those aircraft carriers to be built!

    Your comments about The Army sicken me. The Armed Forces teach a hell of a lot more than “how to shoot a gun”. They teach vital skills which when one leaves the Armed Forces are vital in the workplace. They teach leadership, management and effective problem solving – all which are vital transferable skills. Maybe if we had this at the heart of government then we wouldn’t be where we are now!

    As a final comment, Miss Fletcher-Hackwood, you should stop using a mobile phone. The technology used was developed by the military.

    1. Awesome argument, Col. Hugo. I believe massive natural disasters are also great for job creation in the emergency services, construction industries etc, IF ONLY we had a few more hurricanes in Manchester.

      OR, tell you what, we could just pay people to stand in the street and twat passersby with a two-by-four. It might be pointless, it might be violent, it might sometimes be illegal, it might seem like a damn stupid thing to pay people to do whether there’s a recession on or not, but hey, people need jobs, and what’s more it would teach them valuable hand-eye coordination. And while they’re developing new twatting-people-round-head technology they might accidentally develop a new kind of frying-pan and then we would ALL be in the head-twatters’ debt…

  2. Teaching, healthcare, the military – notice that the only recession proof jobs are the ones paid for by everyone else, ie the taxpyer.

    If only we could all be on the government payroll, tractor production could be up 76%, record wheat production!

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