Today’s reason to vote YES on the TIF bid

Research indicates that Greater Manchester’s economic potential for growth and job creation will outstrip the transport system’s ability to physically support these new jobs. Meanwhile, traffic speeds coming into Greater Manchester in the morning rush hour have slowed by almost 20% since 2000. In other words, if we don’t do something about congestion, and improve the region’s public transport system, Greater Manchester will grind to a halt.

Like this.

2 thoughts on “Today’s reason to vote YES on the TIF bid

  1. Well no; Manchester won’t grind to a halt. People will just naturally migrate to public transport. That’s exactly what’s happened in London for years, where the balance of road traffic average speed and public transport (particularly rail) fares dictate who does what. The traffic slows, so people get fed-up and take the train. That eases the traffic a little so, when the next fares rise hits and/or they get fed-up with the overcrowded trains), they migrate back. Not quite that simple I know, but it’s been shown to work roughly that way.

    IF ONLY I thought the TIF would REALLY improve public transport….! The talk about extra trains/carriages is just plain poppy-cock, as there simply isn’t the lead time to get those built in time.

    IMHO all it WILL do (in Salfordshire at least) is further line the pockets of the Bus Magnates.

    Now if we were talking about taking the bus services back under full GMPTE control…. 🙂

  2. How many Lindleys can one blog take??

    I agree with you. On the last sentence, that is 🙂

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