The campaign for better public transport hits…everywhere! (ish)

I had quite an interesting day yesterday – more on that later – but while I was having a variety of comfy sit-downs, more or less everyone else, it seems, was out and about busting myths about the TIF bid.

Matt (yes, that’s him at the back with a placard…the one on the left of the placard, although the one on the right is also called Matt) headed for Altrincham to join residents as part of GO! Greater Manchester’s campaign to increase awareness of the benefits TIF will bring the area. Matt says they got to talk to a lot of people and changed quite a few minds while they were there (evidence of just how much misinformation has already been put about by the ‘No’ campaign) although a few people, rather confusingly, responded to ‘Hi, can we talk to you about the congestion charge?’ with ‘No thanks, I don’t drive’. It seems more people really need to hear about the TIF in terms of the benefits for public transport users, rather than seeing it as a punishment for petrolheads!

Meanwhile, I was sitting outside Chetham’s music school – as you do – and realised the Yes campaign were campaigning there as well. It seemed a slightly odd place to try and get hold of local residents – well, presumably they were aiming for people who’d just got off the train at Victoria, but every time I overheard them stop someone, the passerby was from out of the area and visiting Urbis, or from even further away and visiting Chetham’s open day, or was an older-looking skater teen who won’t have a vote in the referendum anyway. I think they moved closer to the station after a while – hopefully they had more luck there.

More action will take place across all areas in the run up to the vote – if you want to get involved or just find out when the Yes campaign will be in your area, sign up at the Vote Yes website.

3 thoughts on “The campaign for better public transport hits…everywhere! (ish)

  1. I’ve stumbled upon your blog quite by accident, and am having a nosey around because you seem interesting – and then I go and find a photo of myself on it!

    (the one in the unnecessarily-long scarf)

  2. Well hello! I hope you don’t mind your image being used…nice scarf, by the way.

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you come across the site, if you remember?

  3. I honestly can’t remember – my appalling memory will be evident from the length of time it’s taken me to remember to come back to this post (I am clicking the follow-up notification box this time).

    I also saw your name in the Riveter the other day – but I didn’t have time to read it and then I gave my copy to someone else…

    (*is not weird stalker type, honest*)

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