Yvette counters Tory tactics of desperation

As I mentioned earlier, David Cameron has been looking pretty pathetic today.

“We may support what the government is doing now things are going wrong. But we didn’t support all the things they did when things were going well! Oh no! You know those elections where you remember us going on about immigrants and saving the pound? Well, REALLY we were fighting Labour on economic issues. We were just doing it quietly…but we knew this would happen! Absolutely! We knew that Gordon Brown’s policies of spending money on public services would eventually lead to the collapse of the American sub-prime mortgage market…” AAAND so on.

Meanwhile in the real world, the government has of course been protecting British taxpayers and homeowners by supporting the banking system. Click here for more.

2 thoughts on “Yvette counters Tory tactics of desperation

  1. Because of course the credit crunch was caused by those terrible right-wing PMs Hague, Duncan Smith, Howard and Cameron and their eleven years of the Thatcherite fascist Tory slugs presiding over the econom… ah.

    Forgive the world if it fails to take lessons on the glories of socialism from a double-barrelled daughter of a Home Counties gynaecologist.

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