Rather late in the day…

…nevertheless it is still just about Blog Action Day, which I found out about via Oxfam, and they would like people to blog about poverty.

I had a think about which aspect of poverty to talk about, and decided that, although child poverty in the UK is probably on my mind more often, the issue of climate poverty is maybe more Oxfam. It is also – and this may be the same thing – a very accessible issue to campaign on. That’s true in terms of participation – check out this nifty way to get involved on the Oxfam website – and also as a surprisingly under-done way of looking at climate change.

The scepticism about the effects of climate change, and the half-assedness of the attempts to deal with it, look quite criminally stupid next to the stories of people who have seen increased flooding and extreme weather conditions that destroy crops and homes and make it impossible to have any kind of stable future. As ever, increased poverty has a disproportionate effect on women: this is addressed in a related Oxfam campaign, Sisters On The Planet.

Oxfam is running a Sisters On The Planet Film Festival towards the end of November. The film and related films on climate change will be shown around Manchester – watch this space.

<script src=”http://blogactionday.org/js/e1ee29586b4ad9f6b4ccd92e0a397498b8052434″></script>


3 thoughts on “Rather late in the day…

  1. So pleased to see the ‘clenched fist’ between the Labour Rose and Justice.

    Seems rather appropriate…

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