Awesome news

The government have agreed to shelve 42 days – thank Christ (or, more accurately, Liberty) for that. There is hope for the country yet.

Also, big shout out to any Manchester homies (or anyone else I might know) involved in the climate change action at Westminster today – I know from a Facebook message I got earlier that some people from Manchester were involved, possibly in the ‘climate rush’ dressed as suffragettes. I’m not sure if the Pankhursts were ever canvassed for their views on airport expansion but I’m sure they would have approved anyway.


5 thoughts on “Awesome news

  1. I am sure the government will bring it back shortly, make it 40 days, that seems like a fair compromise.

  2. No hyperlinks allowed Grace?

    From BBC –

    “She confirmed that the government would not attempt to override the will of the Lords by using the Parliament Act. Instead a new bill to allow 42-day detention would be introduced if an emergency warranted it. “

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