Electoral Commission says voters missed out in Crewe & Nantwich…

…also Haltemprice & Howden, Henley and Glasgow East. Yeah, we knew that…

What it actually is, is that I signed up to the Electoral Commission‘s email list at Conference, and it turns out that they send out press releases to said list like every day, but I haven’t unsubscribed because – get this – they’re really quite interesting. What have I become?

Anyway, today’s is about the report the Commission has published on the recent by-elections, and it says that the current minimum timescale for Parliamentary elections – 15 days – is too short to ensure everyone gets the chance to register to vote, and also puts too much pressure on electoral administrators. They’re recommending that the timescales be brought into line with the local government elections, with a minimum timetable of 25 days. This  is absolutely right and I hope it gets taken up…not only because it will take some of the pressure off hard-working activists (in all parties) as well…

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