Let us look at America. It is temporarily less depressing.

In case anyone was wondering, I have decided not to blog about the Labour leadership infighting debacle bollocks issue until Conference starts. Until then everything is speculation and hyperbole. Once Conference starts it will of course still be speculation and hyperbole, but Gordon Brown will actually be in the room, so it will sort of feel more legitimate.

To take our minds off it until then, let’s look at this shiny picture of Barack Obama with his arm around someone I know (Raf Sanchez, editor of one of the York student newspapers – but if you’re reading this blog you probably knew that already).

The star-struck reaction of all of Raf’s friends (me included) has been very amusing. There’s probably a long and intense blog post in there somewhere about the role of celebrity in the American presidential race, but I can’t write it just now because I’m staring at the shiny shiny picture.


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