More stuff about women and healthcare and so on

Weirdly, if you search ‘hpv vaccine advert song‘ on Google (other search engines are available), my blog post of t’other day is the second result that comes up. And not even the post above that can tell me who the bloody song is by.

Something else I discovered while obsessing over my blog stats (seriously, I AM a girl with a one-track mind, and that track is currently concerned with this blog) is that an American website called has posted that blog entry word-for-word with no commentary. This makes me slightly nervous as I wasn’t exactly complimentary about American healthcare in that post. But I had a look around on that site and found an enjoyable and thought-provoking rant against Sarah Palin. To be honest it’s not all that relevant to Palin’s campaign, but it does illustrate how seriously the rights of the unborn child are upheld in America – you know, as in considerably above those of the mother. This was something thoroughly documented in Susan Faludi’s ‘Backlash’.

This book was the only thing that got me out of bed for parts of 2005, but it was written very early in the 90s and is thus very 80s-centric: as a result I’d sort of hoped/assumed that the scenes it depicts of women having Caesareans by court order, and so on, were a thing of the past. This open letter from Lynn Paltrow, the Executive Director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, unfortunately shows that isn’t true.


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