Grace with a one-track blog

Nothing’s on E4 (and I’ve not been well today, so there is my excuse for not being out ripping it up on the dancefloor or having anonymous sex in a skip or snorting ground-up glass or whatever it is the young people do on a Friday night these days) so I’m watching ‘Sex In The Noughties’ on More4. You’d think this might be a feature-length show in which the section on ‘female-written sex blogs’ would fill the gap between two ad breaks, but no – apparently this is a series, with an entire episode dedicated to ‘Girl with a one-track mind‘ (unless I’ve misunderstood and it actually is ‘a documentary about me’, which is how Zoe Margolis herself describes it).

I might just be jealous, since this documentary is going ON AND ON about how, within months of its creation, ‘Girl with a one-track mind’ was getting over a hundred thousand hits per day; meanwhile I of course get excited when my traffic tops 60.

…or I might just be put off by the fact that Zoe Margolis seems, in this programme, to be an annoying, irritating, annoying, smug, annoying individual with a wildly inflated sense of her own originality, importance and literacy, and a deeply grating habit of swearing a lot to make herself sound younger (imagine Gemma Tumelty if you removed all of her pleasant qualities and made her talk about staring at men’s crotches on the Tube instead of about, you know, anything interesting).

…but seriously? Is this well-written? Does this describe the way you feel about human relationships? Or is this self-congratulatory horseshit?

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